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01. What is Lendflo?

A digital invoice financing marketplace built on Blockchain technology

02. How it works?

Unlocking the $27 trillion in wealth trapped between purchase order and payment of goods.

We tokenise business’ invoices and sell them to investors enabling them to unlock the value trapped in these invoices early.

Proprietary machine learning credit scoring accurately prices the business’ invoice

Smart contracts linked to asset trusts provide a single source of truth over asset ownership

Programmable tokenised securities streamline issuance, trading and back-end processes

03. Who is it for?

Lendflo matches small businesses needing cash to investors wanting returns

Small businesses

Need access to cheap, fast working capital to help grow your business?

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Want to earn attractive returns from secure investments?

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04. The team and partners

We are a team of digital entrepreneurs, with deep financial expertise and technical know-how backed by significant partners

05. Join us

Join us on our journey to create the worlds best P2P invoice financing company

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