The fastest invoice financing solution

Manual processes are expensive, time-consuming and often fail to inspire. Discover how we do invoice financing differently.

We’re on a Mission to Help SMEs to Achieve Healthier Cash Flow

We streamline the invoice financing process, using state-of-the-art technology. We also use real-time data to create a more accurate picture and avoid the lengthy delays of traditional financers. So, we can keep costs low and respond at lightning speed.

Financing from
£500 - £100,000
Rates from
1% to 5%
Receive funding
under 5 minutes

Taking the Hassle Out of Traditional Lending

Small businesses have always struggled to access finance. Traditional lenders typically make this process cumbersome, expensive and full of hurdles, especially for small businesses.

Secured lending also requires business owners to go through additional steps, spend hours completing paperwork and face increased operational costs.

At Lendflo, we’re flipping this notion on its head by offering financing that’s as quick as the unsecured lenders, but as secured and affordable as traditional lenders.

What do customers say
about Lendflo

I am rating Lendflo 5 Stars, the reason for my 5 star rating is because of their excellent customer support and great platform for requesting finance and paying back.
I would like to specifically thank you John for the support he provider during the sign up and ongoing. They are flexible as per customer needs and really supportive when we needed.
I highly recommended Lendflo for any business.

Nisha Soman Oncall Care Service

Great experience with a young company eager to help and develop our business. The founders have been on the ball all the way through the process and we will certainly use the company and facility as our first choice financing partner. Carry on developing your successful concept, which is easy to use and requires very little paper work, not like the past.

Gary R Goulden Managing Director, Ultra limited UK Ltd

Making Invoice Financing More Accessible

Unlike most lenders, we’ve made the lending process as easy and straightforward as possible. When you choose to secure lending through Lendflo, you can expect:

Quick service. With most invoice financing options, it takes weeks for you to receive the funds. Not at Lendflo, we can process your application within days.

Easy-to-use. Our entire process is easy to understand. Explore our visual tools for better insights, sign contracts online, and manage your finances on one platform.

Get funds on your outstanding invoices instantly

Managing the books and finding ways to improve your cash flow doesn’t have to be a headache. Discover the benefits of using Lendflo and how we make accessing cash a lot simpler than going to a traditional lender.