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Why Lendflo’s Tech Solution Provides the Perfect Answer for Lenders

New revenue streams
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Happier customers
Increased customer lifetime value

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Manual processes are expensive, time-consuming and often fail to inspire customers.

Customers expect seamless experience and fast transaction speeds.

Our automated small business financing software opens up new, exciting possibilities. With our tech, you can provide quicker onboarding, rapid processing, and make better lending decisions.

Even better, you don’t need our entire UX platform to work. You can customise our complete turn-key financing solution or use our API end points to supercharge your existing system.

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Revolutionise Your Lending Process with Lendflo Solutions

Expand your market to underserved SMEs with our automated SME financing solution.

Our innovative financing software streamlines your services, reducing administrative burdens and erasing time-consuming tasks associated with the end-to-end financing process.

Deliver better risk management with advanced data analysis, reduce administrative burden with automated processes, and provide a fully digital experience that customers love.

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Capture the Benefits of Innovative Financing Software

Implementing a digital-first approach to the lending process provides many benefits like:

Commercial Lenders
Customer Onboarding Can take weeks
Pricing Decision Can take days
Funding Time Can take days
Data Collection Manual, paper-based
SME Credit Scoring Limited / Inaccurate
Loan Management Manual & labour intensive
2 minutes
Within 1 hour, everytime
Digital only
Live, real time data sources
Efficient automated rules system

Introducing the LAAS Financing Technology Powering Lendflo

Take a look behind the scenes and discover the tech powering our invoice financing software.

Customer analytics engine

Create beautiful self-service user experiences that give control back to the customer.

You can also connect your favourite digital marketing tools to deliver outstanding customer support. Or, use our visual data analytical tools to help customers make better financial decisions.

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Rapid onboarding engine

Welcome customers with ease. Build, configure, and manage customer onboarding experiences from one, central place.

Take customer support to the next level by conducting KYC/AML in real-time using over 50 data points and facial recognition technology.

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Smart risk management engine

Deliver decisions in seconds using our smart credit scoring system. It uses over 150 real-time data sources to provide an accurate assessment of a customer’s creditworthiness instantly.

Detect and mitigate fraud through trade history analysis and support document collection and review through 3-way fraud detection.

And, conduct ongoing health monitoring by examining bank transactions and accounting software in real-time to identify potential non-repayment issues before they become full-blown.

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Document management engine

Create customised rules and legal elements that are easy to understand and then automatically apply these rules throughout the entire end-to-end financing process.

Draft legal documents instantly with our smart drag and drop contract creation system. And, add digital signatures to accept contracts.

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Integrated payment engine

Open bank accounts, issue funds, and collect repayments with the click of a button. Instantly set up your customers with fully-fledged bank accounts with account numbers, sort code numbers, and IBANs and process payment cards for easy use of funds.

Customers can receive their much-needed cash within the hour.

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Easy administration engine

Manage the entire financing process from customisable administration portals or connect directly into your existing bank infrastructure. Processing transactions has never been so damn easy.

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Transform your lending

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